Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Titus Turns 2

Titus Boy/Tito Man on his 2nd birthday 
It's kind of crazy how fast they grow up so fast. Titus is the sweetest little guy and i'm not saying that because i'm his mom. I'm constantly amazed at how much he learns and how fast he picks it up. a few quick things about Titus...

  •  Titus is almost fully potty trained. We started potty training him at the beginning of the month. He has caught on pretty quick. Titus still has a few accidents and wears a diaper when he sleeps but he goes to the bathroom by himself or tells us he needs to go. 
  • Titus Likes to watch Full House and the Brady Bunch. He has also started to really enjoy Dora the Explorer and Bubble Guppies. He doesn't like Spongebob (thank goodness) he says "no watch this." Shakes his finger and head when it comes on.
  • He likes the Piano Guys. He loves the piano and any kind of music (unless mom and dad are singing like weird-o's). He has a pretty good beat when it comes to dancing.
  • Titus has started to eat more (YAY!) he likes chips and cottage cheese. His favorite meat is Chicken and bacon, he is his mothers child for sure. He loves juice and pop, i'm working on getting him to drink more water. 
  • He likes to do Zumba with mom and does it better then me too.
  • His favorite toys are: Bullseye, Woody, cars and any kind of ball.
  • Titus loves his baby Sister. Every morning he comes into our bedroom he says "I see my sister Brynn."  He always wants to hold her and help when she is crying. 
  • Titus Talks NON STOP! we can almost carry on a normal conversation. He answers questions and is so funny.
  • Aside from tripping over his own feet most of the day Titus is pretty coordinated. He has a good throwing arm, can dribble a Basketball, & can kick a soccer ball. 
  • Titus doesn't really like to draw but he really likes to play with play-dough. that is how we have been teaching him colors. We also teach him by using Powerade. 
Holding his little sister, "Brynner"

Getting his own  Lunch... 

Hanging out with mom!

Going to bed. we are getting him off his pluggy. 

       Pictures from the "Friend Party" coming later.

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