Friday, January 11, 2013

Christmas & Brynn's Blessing

Mike finished his Last Academic semester this fall (by academic i mean sitting in class). When Mike was done working we went to a Voice Male concert with mikes family and then the crew went on a late night carriage, Brynn and I hung out in the visitor center since it was so cold.  Saturday the 22nd we went down to Price for Christmas. We had lots of fun in Price it was a white Christmas for sure. Brynn and I spent most of the time, i mean all the time, inside. While Titus and Mike hung out side every now and again. It was fun to spend the holidays with the family.
 Our Christmas Tree that was stuffed in the corner (Our apartment isn't big enough)
 Our Nativity 
 4 stockings! 
 Mike with his kids. 
 Little Miss Brynner Taking a bath. 
 Titus wanted in on the picture action..
 Aunt Brandi & Uncle Soap Holding baby Brynn. 
 Aunt Kacylia & Aunt Karina and the Family Christmas party
 Grandpa Ivory with his two oldest Grandkids.. They LOVE Grandpa Ivory. Titus gets upset when he leaves.
 Me and Mike! 
 Titus was so excited that Santa came he started showing him toys.
 This is what Brynn did most of the time Santa was there ...
 Titus Loved Santa this Year. He Kept wanting to go and sit on his lap and talk to him, unlike last year.. 
(Picture below)

 Luckily Baby Brynn had No idea what was going on.  
 Some of the kids/Grandkids that were at the Party.
 Same day as the Family Chirstmas party we had our Ward Christmas Party. 
 Titus had fun Running around and singing. Mike and I did some Singing also.
 The Carriage Ride. 

 Proof that I was there... 
 The Big Bundle i am holding is Brynn. 
 Aunt Kyla sent Miss Brynn this Elf outfit just in time for Christmas.. 
 Playing in Shaving cream with Aunt Kenna.
 Titus thought it was pretty fun to get messy with Kenna.. and mommy didn't have to clean it up..
 Christmas Eve with Grandpa Terry
 It was just us at the Terry's on Christmas eve this year.. 
 Titus was good enough for Santa to stop by.
 Waiting to see what Santa brought...
 His reaction when he say WOODY!
 Titus with his Loot. 
 Loving his Woody Doll. Titus even calls it his "Woody Doll" i have tried to inform him that Woody is an "Action Figure" and not a "Doll" but he prefers to cool Woody a "doll"
 once again baby brynn slept threw it all. 
 Brynns quilt that Grandma Terry made!
 Sledding with Dad. When asked if it was fun Titus said yes, but when asked if he wanted to do it again he quickly said no.
 Hanging out with Kenna
 How i love that little face... note the sock on his hand... we couldn't find his gloves so we just stuck socks on his hands.
 Playing with Aunt Kyla and "SIMBA"
 Hanging out with Kyla, JT, and Izzy! JJ was there also just not pictured. 

Brynn's Blessing
We Blessed Brynn in Salt Lake on December 30th. Mike did an awesome job. I was really happy that we had such a great turn out considering the weather was going supposed to start getting bad.
 The Dress cake i made.. 
 Titus Enjoying a cup cake. 
 Grandma Terry with Baby Brynn.
The Pretty little Princess (she wore my Blessing dress)
 We asked aunt Kyla to take some pictures with her Awesome camera. Thanks Kyla
 Nana And Grandpa {Great} Terry
 Grandmand and Grandpa {Great} Ivory
 Grandma & Grandpa Ivory
 Our little family! 
 My Family. (for some reason we didn't get a picture with mikes family.. kind of bummed about it.)
Me and Miss brynn.. I personally see a lot of me in her.. hopefully that is not a sign of how she going to act ..

Remembering the true meaning of Christmas. I am amazed at how much Titus knows about Jesus. 
 Santa Claus hat! Aunt Kenna found this hat and Titus LOVED wearing it. 
 We did alot of snuggling with this little lady. she put me to sleep quite a few times. 
 Brynn and Mike taking a Sunday Nap. 
 Hanging out with my Tito man. 
 Aunt Kenna got the shaving cream out.. Titus smelled pretty good after playing in it. 
 Mike made a Lego castle and Titus was pretty excited. 

 Titus found Grandpas reading glasses. 
 Playing an intense game of Canasta.
 I love how she sleeps.. this is the morning of her blessing day before she was a "princess"
 Baby Brynn watching her big brother play. 
 We went to Scheels (the new sporting goods store in West Jordan area) just to get out of the house. Titus enjoy most of the stuffed animals they had there. 
 "Look mom Alien!" 
 Being a goof. 
 Miss Brynn. I love this little face. 
 Having a snack. if you can't tell he loves to hang out with his sister. 
 Ready for bed.. he is smiling in this picture. 
 Being a Big boy and eating at the table. We don't have have regular table. it's a taller one so he is pretty proud of himself when he climbs on the chairs.
Titus Likes to read to baby Brynn.

Now that the New year has started we have just been hanging out. Mike goes to his Internship and i hang out with the little monkeys all day.. we have play group every once in a while just so we can get of the house. I have some fun things planned for Titus but that is if he is happy. We have started to Potty Train.. that has been fun (when he makes it to the bathroom) He is catching on but it is taking longer then i wanted it too. We have made it through chruch once with out an accident. but other days are hit and miss... i'll keep ya posted. 

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