A Better Me

Brassy Apple is doing a Refashion Your Life, so every week they post a new video and give you a challenge to help you get to know yourself. I have taken on the Challenge and am posting what i do here.. I'm going to be real and open about everything (for a personal record) so you know that everyone struggles sometimes. I have had a few people ask me how i keep things pulled together, But in all honesty i have a break down at least every 2 weeks (just ask my poor hubby). After i had Brynn  I was back to normal physically the next week, seriously, but emotionally it took me a little while to realize that with 2 little ones it would be harder. I wasn't depressed just tiered and Overwhelmed. I wanted everything to be like it was before we had the baby but i wanted the baby here too.. i guess i wanted our old schedule to work.

Now 2 months later i am getting the swing of things but it will all change in the next month or so. Doing this Challenge if feel like i will be able to get through the rough limbo stage i will be going threw in the next few months. I will post how i am feeling and try not to offend anyone... so here we go folks.

Week one: A Better YOU. 

Brassy Apple: Refashion Your LIFE Videos.

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