Friday, January 11, 2013

{2013} a new start!

I have ran out of room for pictures on my old account so i have decided that it is time to change from Larissa   Ivory to have it called I have also started a new e-mail account because it was also under my maiden name. It only took me 3.5 years to finally change my e-mail and blog. that and Spam has been taking over my inbox and it was driving me crazy.

So with this new blog comes new goals..
Goal #1: Blog at LEAST once a week even if it is a boring post. This year is going to be a year of changes for me and Mike. He will graduate from Physical Therapy school and start a new career as DOCTOR Michael Terry (that sounds pretty awesome). For me i am starting a journey to a better mom and person. After having Brynn things have been a little rough for me. I'm not talking about depression i'm talking about finding the routine and balance between the two little ones and mike and my self. 

Goal #2: Lose my baby weight and stay healthy this year. This week i have gotten all the Biggest Loser cookbooks and movies from the library so i can start on this journey. Thankfully i'm not doing it alone, Mike is going to be there along the way. I'll post what i have done for my work outs, what i have been eating and that sort of thing.

Goal #3: Have less Screen time. I am ALWAYS on facebook, Pinterest, or in the blogworld.. i am going to TRY really hard to cut that time down. I have found the everything else suffers while my attention is directed to my Phone or my computer. (this my be one of the reasons i feel so stressed with everything in my life). Screen time will be ME time, so after the kids are sleeping at 8:30 at night, during Nap time sometimes... lets see if that helps relieve some stress.

Goal #4: Find who i really am. Since having baby Brynn i  have lost the since of who I AM. Yes she is only 1.5 months old but i have lost my focus on who i am. I am a mother and a wife but i'm sure i am more then that. by the end of the year i hope to look back at this and find that i am other things. I found something very "Pin-teresting" last night while i was on Pinterst and thought i would take the challenge from Brassy Apples: Refashion your LIFE. 

There are my goals... I'll do a big "all about me" post later for now... here is a cute picture of my family and a little about us. 
We are the Terry's.
Mike: {the Tall handsome one with the Blue tie} Is a soon to be graduate of the University of Utah's Physical Therapy Program. He enjoys working on computers and working out. He LOVES his kids and wife very much. and is a "Big Teddy Bear" kind of guy. 
Larissa: {That's me in the pink} I am a mom of 2 (evident by the picture right?) who loves to be crafty, organized, and enjoys cooking. I am on the journey to make our home run smoother by making myself a better person. 
Titus: {The one with the Crazy Grin} LOVE this almost 2 year old. Titus is a very energetic little guy and loves to play with anyone {except for the kids in nursery}. He talks like non other and is in the process of getting potty trained (it's been great fun :D) 
Brynn: {the Princess and new addition}: We LOVE this sweet little girl. She was so excited to join our family she let me be in labor for only 4 quick hours. Brynn is a happy baby and loves to spend time with the Men in her life.    

Mike and I started dating March of 2008 were married May 2009. We lived in Logan for 1 year while Mike finished his bachelors and where I stared my bachelors. In May 2010 we moved to SLC for Physical Therapy School at the U. January 2011 we welcomed sweet little Titus into our family (he weighed in at 5.5lbs so he really was little). 22 months later (almost to the day) we welcomed Baby Brynn (November 2012). Now we are in our last 2 months of living in the "Village" and will soon start into a whole new life of job searching and having a "real" life.

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